KAN-therm: Internal KAN-therm Surface heating

Internal KAN-therm Surface heating

The most popular internal KAN-therm  surface heating systems are:

floor heating










wall heating










KAN-therm System floor and wall heating became very popular with investors all over the world. They are successfully used in one-family houses (living spaces and bathrooms), in flat blocks, churches, sports facilities, stadiums, public and industrial buildings.

Floor and wall heating of the KAN-therm System is a heating system where most of the heat is radiated.  The heat penetrates the wall pipe, next passes thru the concrete layer, which acts as a heating plate, then passes thru sheet flooring and is given up to the environment.

The main elements of the KAN-therm System floor and wall heating are:

  1. Heating pipes
  2. Edge insulation*
  3. Thermal and damp proof insulation*
  4. Heating screed
  5. Distributors
  6. Installation boxes
  7. Automatic control



*  not required for wall heating