KAN-therm: System KAN-therm Surface heating
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System KAN-therm Surface heating

The KAN Company manufacturer of the KAN-therm systems promotes for many years modern and user-friendly surface heating installations. The design of a KAN-therm System surface heating is very simple. Due to a rich selection of design solutions, wide assortment of system elements (distributor bars, installation boxes and automation elements) you can precisely select a heating system depending on the local conditions.

Among surface heating systems we have:

  • in-house floor heating, wall heating, ceiling heating,
  • heating of surfaces in contact with open air (sport field pitches, stadium pitches, transport routes, garage drives/ramps, external stairs and terraces)

Internal surface heating (laid inside buildings) is made by a direct embedding of pipes in a layer of screed (in construction partitions – floor, wall, ceiling) to receive a heating surface, i.e. a surface heater.

Internal surface heating is very popular and can be successfully used in one-family houses, high standard apartment buildings, and public buildings and in industrial buildings.











Heating of external surfaces (surfaces in contact with open air) consists in covering pipes with a layer of ground (e.g. a sand layer) and next laying over it a target layer, which can be e.g. cobble stones, sports field turf or any other material according to the surface use. Such a construction prevents excessive snow cover and ice cover in winter and ensures safety of usage.

Heating of external surfaces is now more and more common for one-family houses (garage drives/ramps, side walks, external stairs and terraces) and in public houses. The fact of having this kind of a system in sports investments like stadiums for warming football field turfs becomes a standard nowadays.